A comparison of assessment by closed book and open book

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There are two types of examination systems when it comes to education. The first type is called the open book examination system and the second type is called the closed-book examination system. Both of these types are completely different due to their meaning, concept, UKessays, and applications. There are many students who do not know the difference between an open book and closed-book exams and think of them as the same. If you are one of those students then you need to read this page. Because in this guide, we will do a thorough comparison of an open book and closed-book exams. So let’s start with open book exams.

Open book examination is the type of examination where you are allowed to use the textbook, notes, custom writing essay service, and other course materials to attempt your exams. Even though you can take help from all the helping materials still, memory plays the most important role in open book exams. Because in an exam you do not have much time to find the answers to the questions and you can only find them easily when you know about them and you have studied for them when you were preparing to take my online exam.

Open book examination is not easy as some may think. Sometimes the open book examination is more difficult than the closed book examination because the open book exam is mostly conceptual and only those students can attempt who have not to take my online exam for me.

In closed-book exams, you are not allowed to take help from any kind of learning material and have to attempt all the exams by yourself. Closed book exams are considered difficult by those students who were unable to clear out their concepts when they take my online class and those who are unable to learn long passages. The Closed-book examination system is the old and traditional way of assessing the students’ abilities where the students have to learn the given course work by heart and should have to prove that they have learned during the course tenure. Some students think of closed-book exams as tougher than open book exams and pay someone to do my online class but other students who are good at learning attempt to take their online exam by themselves.

No matter what the examination system is, you will only be getting good grades in the end if you have studied for it. If you have not prepared for the exam then no matter how easy the exam is, you are never going to pass it.

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A comparison of assessment by closed book and open book

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